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Louis Proyect lnp3 at panix.com
Fri May 9 07:04:08 MDT 2014

On 5/9/14 3:14 AM, Greg McDonald wrote:
> Interesting how some people here are so contemptuous of blackbloc
> meatheads,

Does this sound like black blockery?

 >>A second group, was made up of those who got excited about all the 
riot-porn and anti-police violence in Kiev, without considering who was 
carrying out this violence and in whose interests. Certain antifascists 
drifted as far as to defend the «national unity» in Maidan, and 
threatened particular Kiev anarchists due to their criticism of Maidan 
and refusal to participate. Most of the people in this camp are just 
fans of anti-police violence without any theoretical frame, but some 
want to give Maidan an imagined anti-authoritarian flavor, by equating 
the general meeting of Maidan («Veche») with the revolutionary councils 
established during 20th century revolutions. They base this claim on the 
social demands occasionally presented at Maidan, but these demands were 
always at the periphery of the Maidan agenda.<<

Or this? An obvious call for mass action as opposed to Blanquist violence?

 >>Some supporters of the Ukrainian organisation, Borotba (meaning 
Struggle) and the Russian Left Front claim that they are attempting to 
do the same things as the anarchists did at Maidan, that is, direct 
protest towards social demands. But AntiMaidan has no structures of 
direct democracy, not even distorted ones. It quickly adopted the model 
of hierarchical, militaristic organisations. The AntiMaidan leadership 
consists of former police and reserve officers. It does not attempt to 
exert influence through the masses, but with military power and weapons. 
This makes perfect sense, considering that according to a recent opinion 
poll, even in the most pro-«federalist» area of Lugansk, a mere 24% of 
the population is in favor of armed takeovers of government structures. 
That is, AntiMaidan cannot count on a victory through mass demonstrations.<<

If I had to choose between this kind of anarchism and the Kremlin 
apologetics of a Roger Annis or a Boris Kagarlitsky, I'll go with the 

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