[Marxism] Two Odessa fire survivors, both in the anti-government camp, tell their stories

Louis Proyect lnp3 at panix.com
Fri May 9 07:18:33 MDT 2014

What a fascinating contrast between Ukrainian media and RT.com. This is 
from an article in the Kyiv Post based on the accounts of two women who 
took refuge in the Odessa Trade Union building:

Whenever any of them went near the window, she said, Molotov cocktails 
came flying and people shouted and shot at the window.

“They were burning us inside on purpose and no one would let us leave,” 
the woman said.

Molotov cocktails broke the window. At last Tetiana went to the window 
and started waving for help before she climbed out onto the broad 
cornice outside and held on to the AC unit. After a while, one of the 
young men, who was wearing a balaclava and helmet, climbed out beside her.


Meanwhile, in Donetsk the pro-Russian militias abduct journalists and 
beat them. Meanwhile RT.com refuses to tell the other side of the story. 
Meanwhile our "anti-imperialist" left pollutes the Internet with the 
talking points of RT.com.


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