[Marxism] For an independent social movement! For a free Ukraine! | Observer Ukraine

Louis Proyect lnp3 at panix.com
Fri May 9 07:26:55 MDT 2014

Its no surprise that by and large the workers of the big factories in 
Eastern and Central Ukraine are not taking part in mass protest actions. 
Anti-Maidan and pro-Maidan actions are on the whole poorly attended and 
in no way can they be compared to the one-hundred-thousand strong 
mobilisations of Kievans during the Euro-Maidan in January and February 
this year. Armed radicals remain a small group of adventurists even in 
Sloviansk, where they have seized power and clearly are holding on only 
by intimidating the local population who quite logically don’t want to 
become the victims of the Anti-Terrorist Operation of the Government.

It is very doubtful whether a majority of the residents of Sloviansk 
support the monarchist idea of resurrecting “the one and indivisible” 
(Russia –translator), which is openly proclaimed by the Russian officer 
Strelkov-Hirkin, “commander-in-chief” of the Donetsk People’s Republic. 
At the same time it is clear that neither do they want to see in 
Sloviansk the “little green men” of Strelkov nor any other soldiers. 
After all, they understand only too well that with the continuation of 
the Anti-Terrorist Operation fighting will start sooner or later in the 
inhabited homes of the town and they will be the first to suffer – the 
peaceful local inhabitants.


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