[Marxism] Makiivka miners confront the separatists | Observer Ukraine

Louis Proyect lnp3 at panix.com
Fri May 9 07:29:28 MDT 2014

Makiivka miners confront the separatists

Volodymyr Ariev on Facebook: 

translated by Marko Bojcun

“ I just spoke with my old friends in Makiivka (heart of the Donbas 
mining industry-MB). The separatists came to the mine to tear down the 
Ukrainian flag. The working people didn’t like that and they showed 
their guests the door. The guests got angry and threatened to throw 
explosives down the mine shaft. So there appeared at the shaft a self 
defense unit against the separatists. They say this incident is far from 

They are also saying that after the Ukrainian television channels were 
switched off they stopped watching tv because their nerves can’t take 
it. They believe less in the evil “banderites” than they do in martians. 
And they look upon the Russian little green men and their local 
hangers-on with ever greater anger.

Perhaps they will awaken?”


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