[Marxism] Left Unity and its Future.

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Left Unity and its Future.

“If the Labour Party cannot be turned into a socialist party, then the question which confronts us all is, how can we form a socialist party? If we are not ready to answer this question, then we are not ready to dismiss the party that exists.”Socialists and the Labour Party. Ken Coates. 1973.
“There are many formidable obstacles, which stand in the way of political renewal on the left. Yet such a renewal is necessary if an effective challenge is to be posed to the domination which the Labour Party exercises over the labour movement: nothing much by way of socialist advance will be possible until such a challenge can be effectively posed. This requires the formation of a socialist party free from the manifold shortcomings of existing organisations and able to draw together people from such organisations as well as people who are now politically homeless. By no means the least of its purposes would be to provide a credible and effective rallying point to help in the struggle against the marked and accelerating drift to the right in Britain.”Moving On. Ralph Miliband. 1976.
“There is a saying on the British left that the only thing more futile than trying to transform the Labour Party into an instrument for radical change is trying to set up a viable party to the left of it”.Left Unity or Class Unity? Andrew Murray. 2014 (1)"
Examines Left Unity in the light of Ralph Miliband's ideas and practice, the Socialist Society, previous left parties in the Uk, European left, and their critics, notably Andrew Murray (The Chief of Staff of Britain’s largest union, UNITE, and a long-standing member of the Communist Party of Britain)

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