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Louis Proyect lnp3 at panix.com
Fri May 9 11:00:17 MDT 2014

Ken Silverstein's "The Secret World of Oil"
A Descent Into Big Oil’s Inferno

Reading Ken Silverstein’s “The Secret World of Oil” is like picking up a 
rock in the middle of the night and shining a flashlight at the creepy, 
crawly things found beneath. The emphasis is on the word secret since 
many of the men he scrutinizes prefer it that way. Even when their 
activities remain within the law, their assault on ethics and decency 
would provoke a Sodom and Gomorrah punishment from a just god if one 
existed. Is moral turpitude, criminality and a bestial level of greed 
intrinsically connected to making a living as a middleman in the 
petroleum industry? That is the conclusion a reader would draw after 
reading the fast-paced and entirely entertaining tour led by Ken 
Silverstein, our Virgilian guide to a Dante’s Inferno fueled by oil and gas.


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