[Marxism] A Guardian report from a town in Eastern Ukraine

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> For what it's worth:
> http://www.theguardian.com/world/2014/may/08/ukraine-south-east-precipice-civil-war

Evidence of Kagarlitsky's class struggle east Ukraine:

Since the unrest started there has been an uneasy atmosphere of threats 
and violence. A fortnight ago – even before the town hall was seized – 
the offices of the local newspaper Provintsia were attacked at night 
with molotov cocktails. The next week the journalists still managed to 
put the paper out, but the entire print run was seized by armed 
separatists. Their crime was to print articles sceptical about the 
Donetsk People's Republic; the newspaper was denounced as pro-fascist.

Two members of Svoboda, which is indeed a far-right Ukrainian movement, 
were kidnapped from their homes in Konstaninovka more than a week ago by 
armed men who smashed down the doors to their homes, beat them, threw 
them into the boots of cars and drove off. Nothing has been heard from 
them since, though it is believed that they are being kept in the seized 
security services building in Slavyansk. "They were members of Svoboda, 
but they did not lead an active political life or threaten anyone in any 
way," says Melanchenko. There is a witch-hunt for the few independent 
journalists and activists, say several people who have fled the town – 
they hope only temporarily – and who did not want to be named. Given the 
distinct lack of any actual fascists descending on Konstantinovka, a 
fifth column within the town had to be found. Receiving the message loud 
and clear, everybody else with doubts decided to keep quiet.

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