[Marxism] Kherson governor calls Hitler 'liberator' addressing veterans on Victory Day — RT News

Louis Proyect lnp3 at panix.com
Sat May 10 06:55:27 MDT 2014


It continues to amaze me that so much of the left relies on RT.com. I 
noticed a link to this article on Facebook just now. Reading it, I fully 
expected evidence of some Svoboda type politician saying such thing. 
(Btw, Kherson is familiar to some of you as the surname of many Jews but 
it is spelled Gerson. I was friends with a guy named Steve Gerson. We 
used to play pinball machines together 55 years ago.)

Anyhow, here's the governor calling Hitler a liberator:

 >>Painting his version of the events further, he challenged history by 
saying that “if you read history books, we have a number of 
documentaries on this, then we see that he [Hitler] first of all put 
forward a slogan of liberating people from the communist yoke, and 
liberating people from the tyrant Stalin,” Odarchenko said, sparking 
anger and outraged by the crowd.<<

In other words, he was not calling Hitler a liberator. Instead he was 
saying that Hitler called himself a liberator. Anybody with a lick of 
sense would have read the article and seen that it was pure bullshit, or 
at least that the headline was a lie. I imagine that the person who 
posted this to Facebook (who should have known better frankly) probably 
didn't bother to get past the headline.

Yesterday I wrote about National Bolshevism. Isn't RT.com's cynical use 
of a headline a symptom of the degraded standards of Russian political 
life? Compare that to the "fascist" Kyiv Post that publishes articles 
substantiating the claims that a pro-unity mob was responsible for the 
Odessa disaster. And compare that to the Guardian article that refers to 
a newspaper in the east being firebombed for simply publishing an 
article skeptical of Kagarlitsky's beloved Donetsk commune.

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