[Marxism] Speaking of degradation

Ken Hiebert knhiebert at shaw.ca
Sat May 10 10:49:00 MDT 2014

Louis Proyect said:
This is an article that accused the NPA in France of supporting the Odessa disaster because it has not written about it. From time to time I get bullshit like this on my blog because I am writing about films rather than racism. The World Socialist Website is just as polluted as RT.com. It is dismaying to think that many young people new to the left rely on its reporting. 


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Ken Hiebert replies:
Amidst the whirl of events, it will be difficult to reach the truth.  The passage of time will allow us to sort out fact from fiction.  The best that any of us can do in the meantime is state our opinions clearly so that later they can be measured against events.  If the WSWS is doing that, that is just fine.

Has enough time passed for us to judge the reporting of events in Libya?  How do the articles by the NPA and International Viewpoint stand up three years later?

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