[Marxism] The Razumkov poll results

Matthew Russo russo.matthew9 at gmail.com
Sat May 10 10:52:34 MDT 2014

"The new Ukrainian poll was paid for by the Canadian Government. The
Kiev-based Razumkov Centre surveyed a sample of 2,012 from all regions,
interviewing them face-to-face between April 25 and 29. The Razumkov
organization has also been receiving funding, direct or indirect, from
Victor Pinchuk, the Dniepropetrovsk steelmaker promoting Ukrainian
accession to the European Union.

"The findings appear not to differ significantly from those of other Kiev
pollsters, the Kyiv International Institute for Sociology (KIIS) and the
Centre for Social and Marketing Research (SOCIS)."

"The Razumkov poll results were released in Ukrainian two days ago. The
regional breakdown of voter responses have been made available by Mikhail
Mischenko, deputy director of Razumkov’s Sociological Service. In the
Ukrainian press to date, the focus has been on the results counted


"When Putin proposed postponing the referendum called by the resistance for
May 11, the evidence on his desk was strong that a majority of easterners
support postponement.

"If the secret service polling by the Russians and Americans is as clear as
the Razumkov survey, the outcome of the balloting to be held in Donetsk and
Lugansk is already irrelevant to the majority of regional voters.

"They remain opposed to the use of force by the Kiev government or the
national guard it is recruiting from western-region volunteers and

Read the whole article here:

My 2 cents:  This reveals that anybody advocating for the "takeback"  of
positions held by the presumably separatist militias in the Donbas - as
I've seen in comments posted on UM and here - are a bunch of fracking
idiots at best, and wannabe political criminals at worst.

The best thing would be for the "anti-terrorist" operation to be called off
and the military withdrawn from Donbas.  Let the separatist militias
undermine themselves should they disregard the advice of their patron Putin
and try to interfere with the May 27 vote.  Any new Kiev government is
doomed, economically speaking, anyway.

Anybody pushing for the intensification of internecine nationalist conflict
(because who else will be willing to pull the trigger in the East but West
Ukraine ultra-nationalists) is pushing a position not merely alien to any
Marxist socialist project, but diametrically opposed to it.  Not only in
Ukraine, but internationally as well.  Unless one thinks that a "New Cold
War" political atmosphere will be conducive to any left politics in the
USA.  And yes, there is a section of the US ruling class pushing to create
precisely that.  It doesn't include Obama or Kerry, who were apparently
caught flatfooted by the Ukraine events, the clueless dimwits.
Unfortunately for our warmongers, Putin didn't go for the bait.

The good news is there is little sign that such an atmosphere is or will
take hold here among the US population.  This is not 9/11 or McCarthyism.


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