[Marxism] I do not agreee with the SWP Majority 1972-75 on the Gay question!

Anthony Brain brainanthony816 at yahoo.com
Sat May 10 12:26:06 MDT 2014

I started to read the back issues of the American Trotskyist documents from 1930 to 1975.  What I read I do not agree with the American SWP majority documents on the Gay question.  Dave Walters has done a very good job in publishing the American Trotskyist internal history where newly radicalzing intellectuals and activists have a rich intellectual richness of top Trotskyist debates.  The American SWP majority leadership  maintained their mistakes on the Gay question from 1973 to 1975 which they paid the price of losing a whole series of good gay cadres!  Nat must eventually changed his mind on the Gay question. Every revolutionary has made mistakes.  Despite my differnces with Nat he was the closest to me in terms of Trotskyist politics!

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