[Marxism] Michael Sam Picked by St. Louis Rams in N.F.L. Draft

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Another gay ex-NFL player and adviser of Sam, suggested that the Rams were
ideal for him because the coach is particularly open.

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>> NY Times, May 10 2014
>> Michael Sam Picked by St. Louis Rams in N.F.L. Draft
>> Michael Sam was selected by the St. Louis Rams in the seventh round on
>> Saturday, becoming the first publicly gay player to be drafted by an
>> N.F.L. team.
> A comment on this from my old friend Richard Greener:
> Sam's end-of-draft selection caps a shameful episode in American sports
> history and the NFL in particular. Sam was the SEC Defensive Player of the
> Year. He was the best defensive player in the best college football
> conference. All those who previously won this same award have been high
> Round 1 selections with a single exception who was selected in Round 2.
> They all became instant multi-millionaires. Sam should have easily been
> among the top 30 players in the draft and no lower than the top 50. His
> selection as #249 will cost him millions of dollars and as a 7th Round
> draft choice he is clearly slated to being cut and never making the actual
> team. rarely does a late round choice make the team. If he stands out in
> training camp, at best he might get a one-year contract at the league
> minimum pay. This choice was an act of cowardice by the NFL and major
> American sports. It should not be hailed as a victory for anyone or
> anything except anti-gay prejudice. Earlier this year I showed all the data
> and asked the question which has now been sadly answered.
> http://www.huffingtonpost.com/richard-greener/michael-sam-
> and-the-nfl_b_4762428.html
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