[Marxism] "The West" and Neo-Conservative Revanchism

Matthew Russo russo.matthew9 at gmail.com
Sun May 11 16:31:23 MDT 2014

I just love propaganda mirror articles such as this...such a juicy target.
This is not a two-front war, but a single front against neo-conservative
revanchism, whether of the "Eurasian", "Western Atlanticist", or for that
matter, "East Asian".  With a Berlin byline, it is an attempt to keep
German liberals corralled with the ideology of "The West".  Must be trouble
in the ranks in Deutschland over Ukraine!

"Of course, the left doesn’t take any side in the Ukraine crisis —
rhetorically. In the end, it is opposed to every attempt by the West to
stop the Russian annexation policy. The ultimate goal remains the
dissolution of Western alliances.

"The EU, according to German left-wing politician Katja Kipping, should
“the role of a non-aligned power” and free itself “from their vassal’s
loyalty to the United States.”


My preferred response from the "far left":

The picture of "Extreme left support for Putin" is a lie.

"Western" liberal critics of what might be called "Putinism-Duginism" are
only thoughtlessly glancing into a Russian "Eurasianist" mirror of the
governing ideology of "The West" itself: Neo-conservative revanchism. They
could begin to wake up by asking themselves exactly what is this "West"
they keep referring to?

The answer is that the "West" boils down essentially to one state: The
United States.

Neo-conservatism has, of course, its post WW2 roots in the rise of American
neo-conservativism, a current in no small part derived from ex-Marxists and
communists who migrated to the far right during the McCarthy witchhunt
period. Its ideological godfather is Leo Strauss, the American Alexander
Dugin. At the core of its ideology is an essentially mystical notion of a
"West" extending back to the ancient Greek "slave-catcher" civilization,
and sites its modern incarnation in the trans-North Atlantic
intercontinental region.

This ideological current really took on distinct political shape in the USA
in reaction to the civil rights, "countercultural" and anti-Vietnam War
movements in the 1960's and 70's. According to the Wikipedia entry,
"Prominent neoconservatives in the Bush administration included Dick
Cheney, Donald Rumsfeld, Paul Wolfowitz, John Bolton, Elliott Abrams,
Richard Perle, and Paul Bremer".  They'd also include today many
co-believers scattered throughout the US media and academia as well as
those entrenched within the US foreign policy bureaucracy such as Victoria
Nuland, married to well-known neo-conservative author Robert Kagan, Senior
Fellow at the Brookings Institution.

Of course the so-called "far left" should carefully think through its
positions on Ukraine.  Doing so, it will realize there is no contradiction
in upholding the rights of northwestern Ukraine to national
self-determination in opposition to Russian neo-imperialism, while also
upholding the same rights for national minorities there in what is, after
all, a multinational state.  The left's position must be against the
exacerbation of ethnic and religious antagonisms - a stock in trade of US
neo-conservativism in the service of divide and rule tactics of US
imperialism as we saw in Iraq - while placing the emphasis on the class
character of the IMF/EU economic policies about to be visited upon Ukraine
under the new government, one that rests upon the same claque of capitalist
"oligarchs" that have been exploiting the country since the end of the
USSR.  "Neo-liberialism" is, after all, the economic face of
neo-conservativsim.  In this same light the left must stand against the US
effort to drive wedges and divisions between European countries, one that
is objectively aligned with the Euro-Far Right and that can only worsen the
economic conditions on that continent for its working classes.

But yes, it is true that the left must have the "ultimate goal" of the
dissolution of the US neo-conservative warmongering, slave-driver fantasy
of a so-called "West", one that is nothing more than an expression of US
imperialism.  This will be a victory for the whole human race.

Articles such as this are designed to counter the idea of overturning this
cursed ideological burden and nightmare, from moving into the mainstream,
especially in Germany.  However by inadvertently showing a mirror to their
own true selves in the form of "Putinism-Duganism", they assist in their
own self-exposure as the "Western" version of the same thing.

What's good for the goose is good for the gander, as the saying goes,
liberals.  Which side will you be on, that of the "Western
Putin-Duginists", or with the left?

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