[Marxism] Ireland medical care clamp down: 'I was told to prove my son still had Down's Syndrome

Stuart Munckton stuartmunckton at gmail.com
Mon May 12 19:02:08 MDT 2014

>  We will see how long the working class will retreat and suffer. I am
> deeply committed to the belief that we are close to the end of that
> retreat.

Right or wrong, that is the hope. The retreat is deep and long-lasting, and
there is no easy way out, on the otherhand, thea ttacks coming down in
Australia are so wideranging and severe in who they hurt, it will provoke
some response. The problem is political, as efver -- in the short term, one
major beneficiary of people's anger and disillusionment with both major
parties is being capitalised on by the "anti-politics" of the billionaire
Clive Palmer.

Of course, Palmer has nothing serious to offer, and his success is not just
down to his anti-politician "ordinary bloke sticking it to the elite"
bufoon act, but to the fact he can buy himself a party, politicians and a
big campaign. But when Palmer rails against hte media and the major parties
and says pensions should be much higher etc etc, that is picks up
disatisfaction it s dangerous to just mock.

(I say this as someone who performed a standup show last year hooked around
Clive Palmer called "Just Make Clive Palmer PM", something I wouldn't do
now as the dynamic around him has changed. I'd focus on the main ruling
class parties, not the loose cannon billionaire. Of course, I;d still mock
Palmer, he deserves to be mocked, but main focus would shift)


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