[Marxism] Ukrainian miners and National Bolshevism

Stiofan OBuadhaigh sobuadhaigh at yahoo.com
Mon May 12 20:28:21 MDT 2014

Thanks to Comrade Proyect for posting the
link to the appeal by Ukrainian miners carried in Observer Ukraine. I would say
the following is a classic "transitional demand."

 “At the same time we are demanding
that the authorities officially recognise the miners’ self defense and the
arming of miners’ brigades. Organised workers and workers’ self defense are
precisely that stabilising factor which can effectively prevent the escalation
of violence in Ukraine.”

I am sure our fellow workers are
already procuring arms as best they can. Good luck to them in their
struggle against the new line up of corrupt oligarchs in Kiev and all the other
madness which is pushing their country closer to a civil war.

I did some more reading on the
Observer Ukraine site and found this statement by the Left Opposition on the
massacre in Odessa. 
"For an independent social
movement! For a free Ukraine!  http://gaslo.info/?p=5217" 

"Without a doubt the
violence was directed and organised in the first instance by ultranationalist
and chauvinist groups who quite consciously kill people and try to exploit the blood
of the deceased to whip up bestial nationalist hysteria in society, which to
their way of thinking should “mobilise the nation” against its “its enemies”.
Really, that is perhaps the only way to achieve their dreamed-of nazi
dictatorship, which can be established only through bloodletting and the
intimidation of people. This will become possible only if in Ukraine Russians
will see a Banderite murderer in every Ukrainian, while Ukrainians will see in
every Russian a potential “saboteur from Russian Military Intelligence”.
Unfortunately, we have come far too close to the boundary beyond which this can
really happen.”

True that, and what follows illustrates that
the ugly re-emergence of “National Bolshevism” that Lou has written about on
his blog is not confined to separatists in the east.

“However, there
appeared in Odessa on 2 May on opposing sides of the barricades people, including activists of left wing organisations, who only a year ago
were making part in common protests against restrictions on the freedom to
assemble peacefully and against the introduction of an enslaving Labour Code.
Activists of the “Borot’ba” (Struggle) union appeared on the side led by the
right wing chauvinists of the “Odesa druzhina” (Odessa Guard).”
Good luck to
comrades fighting to pursue an independent, revolutionary path untainted by opportunistic
alliances with fascist scum. 

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