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Tony Iltis wrote a good background piece to Boko Haram and Nigeria

Also, quote in Tony's piece, is this Guardian article bya
 Nigerian-American author

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> The kidnapping of the school girls has been rightly condemned by everyone
> outside the ranks of the insurgent Boko Haram.  Let me make it absolutely
> clear that I believe that was a heinous crime.  However there is a wider
> game at play and the hapless school girls are in danger of becoming pawns
> in that game.
> The kidnapped schools girls suddenly became "our Girls".  Thousands of
> girls in Africa endure famine and the most extreme forms of patriarchy and
> they have never become "our girls". Yet, these school girls have, and we
> need to keep asking why, while at the same time condemn their kidnapping.
> Boko Haram have been constructed by the military complex in the USA as a
> threat to the USA, and as the successors to Al Qaida.  They are, instead, a
> rag tag bunch of peasant revolutionaries, who have been built up as a grave
> and present danger in order for the USA to up its profile in Africa,
> possibly in response to beliefs that the Chinese are taking over the
> dominant role in Africa.
> Boko Haram also help boost the notion that Islamic extremism is the threat
> to the "Free World".  The egregious Tony Blair recently parroted that
> nonsense, as one would expect. The real threat to our freedom is of course
> the exponential growth in the wealth and the power of the upper 1%.  Blair
> knows that, without a doubt, but it suits his interests to give full play
> to his natural sycophancy and attack the marginalized.
> The answer to Boko Haram is to address the social problems which have
> resulted in them becoming "the heart of a heartless world".  But that would
> mean a move towards socialism in Nigeria, and there is no one in the White
> House who will tweet for that.
> comradely
> Gary
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