[Marxism] Nat Weinstein ¡Presente!

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Tue May 13 07:45:59 MDT 2014

Nat Weinstein ¡Presente!

October 3, 1924—May 9, 2014

Nathan Weinstein, the son of Russian-Jewish immigrants, was born in Brooklyn, 1924. He married Sylvia Mae Profitt in 1944 and joined the Socialist Workers Party in 1945. For the rest of his life he devoted himself to his family and to the socialist cause. He participated in the civil rights movement, especially defending Robert Williams and Malcolm X, and was a defender in the U.S. of the Cuban Revolution. He was active in the Painters Union both in New York and in San Francisco and participated in many labor struggles throughout his life. Leading the struggle for a revolutionary program in the Socialist Workers Party, he was expelled as that organization became a cult. His writings, published in Socialist Viewpoint, include analyses of the Cuban Revolution, the fall of the Soviet Union, and the nature of the Chinese state. Nat was also known as a decorative painter and an artist. Besides baseball, pool and pinochle, he loved a good political debate. He is survived by two daughters, Bonnie and Deborah Weinstein, his grandson Kevin Sheppard, his granddaughter-in-law Maria Sheppard, and his grandsons John A. Gould, and Reshad Karboa. To his many friends and comrades Nat Weinstein represented the best tradition of the militant, class-conscious worker.

A celebration of Nat’s life is being organized and will be announced shortly. Messages and comments can be sent to Bonnie Weinstein at giobon at comcast.net or Carole Seligman at caroleseligman at sbcglobal.net. 

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