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Clay Claiborne clayclai at gmail.com
Tue May 13 21:16:24 MDT 2014

Excellent! A very important piece. I particularly liked:
> It has always been like this in the ‘Middle East’. Syria and the region
> have always been defined in geopolitical terms. This knowledge makes us
> invisible. We are the invisible subaltern in the most internationalized
> region on this planet. What is seen of our countries from the metropolitan
> capitals is Bashar Assad, his “rose in the desert” (his wife Asma), and
> their likes, the power and money elite, but not the people, not women and
> men struggling for a better life. This constant approach opens to a concept
> of politics as deals between outside big powers and local petty rulers.
> That is why it is of vital importance to deconstruct this approach that
> insists on not seeing us as individuals and collective actors.
> By the way, this ‘geopolitical’ approach finds its ideological reflection
> in the conspiracy theory held by many in our country, a theory that ‘helps’
> ordinary people not to see themselves, or to see themselves only as passive
> victims in a grand game played by bigger actors. It seems, however, that
> conspiracy theories are also greedily consumed in the “big world”, with the
> same function: not to see ordinary people. This is the real hat of
> invisibility that our folk stories spoke about more than a thousand years
> ago. But when you put it on, you only see the important people. All rank
> and file people disappear.

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