[Marxism] Meet the Cossack ‘Wolves’ Doing Russia’s Dirty Work in Ukraine | TIME.com

Michael Karadjis mkaradjis at gmail.com
Wed May 14 05:21:31 MDT 2014

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From: Joseph Catron, quoting Time magazine:

"Hamas "rules over Gaza in a reign of Islamic terror that has resulted 
the murder of hundreds of Christians just because they are Christians, 
oppression of women, and the public hanging of homosexuals from 
poles," wrote Lapid.

JC: "The claim that Hamas is responsible for the murder of hundreds of
Christians surprised me. I follow what is happening in the Gaza Strip 
and I
did not remember a report on the murder of hundreds of Christians, 
because they are Christians or for any other reason."

I know what you mean. This immediately reminded me of the London Review 
of Books, which last year published a fact-free article by Seymour 
Hersch, mostly about the laughable allegation that Assad didn't use 
sarin against the insurgent masses of working class outer Damascus (he 
alleged they did it to themselves, as Muslims are known to do).

But in amongst all that was this other curious misinformation:

" ... That information concerned al-Nusra, the Islamist rebel group 
designated by the US and the UN as a terrorist organisation. Al-Nusra is 
known to have carried out scores of suicide bombings against Christians 
and other non-Sunni Muslim sects inside Syria."

Hamas murdering hundreds of Christians? Al-Nusra carrying out "scores" 
of suicide bombings against Christians and other non-Sunni? Amazing what 
the reactionary and Islamophobic mind can conjure up. 

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