[Marxism] 'Weighing the legacy of Lenin's Comintern'

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Weighing the legacy of Lenin's Comintern
In reply to Paul Kellogg's review of 'Toward the United Front'

By John Riddell. Paul Kellogg's review in Socialist Studies of my edition of
the Communist International's 1922 world congress raises two probing
questions regarding the legacy of the Communist International (Comintern) in
Lenin's time.[1] First, he questions a long-held conception that the
Bolshevik leaders initiated all the Comintern's major steps in policy
development. Second, he challenges the belief that the Lenin-era
International represents a model or template for program and strategy in our

Kellogg, an experienced and respected Marxist activist based in Canada, is
right on the first point. On the second, he takes a correct initial step but
needs to engage with the substance of the Comintern's strategic heritage...

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