[Marxism] Workers Take to Streets to Calm Tense Ukrainian City

Louis Proyect lnp3 at panix.com
Fri May 16 15:24:07 MDT 2014

On 5/16/14 4:56 PM, Paul Flewers wrote:
> This does not seem like an independent, working-class response

Nobody said it was. I posted it to demonstrate that this was bullshit:

Renfrey Clarke (Kargalitsky's translator):

What can one say? In January 1905 the Russian workers were led by Father 
Gapon, and went out on the morning of Bloody Sunday to plead for the 
Tsar, their Little Father, to recognise the justice of their demands. We 
all know that finished up, both on the day concerned and over the 
succeeding months. In short order, the fact that the workers had started 
out with illusions ceased to decide anything.

Reading the postings by the Donetsk militants (http://www.rusvesna.su), 
I’m struck by the fact that the insurgency in south-eastern Ukraine is 
very much a movement of industrial workers. In the city of Yenakievo, 
and no doubt elsewhere, miners and steelworkers have adhered to the 
movement en masse. The militants have long since shed any illusions in 
Kiev governments and oligarchs (note that they’re burning down banks 
owned by Kolomoysky, one of the worst of the latter). And now that Putin 
has withdrawn even his rhetorical support for their cause, the militants 
are losing their illusions in the Russian state as well.

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