[Marxism] The games of Putin and Akhmetov | Euromaidan PR

Louis Proyect lnp3 at panix.com
Fri May 16 15:34:48 MDT 2014


Akhmetov does not need for the Donbas to be part of Russia. He 
understands perfectly what kind of place he would occupy in Putin’s 
hierarchy of the elites and what kind of access he would be “granted” to 
the Russian budget. Akhmetov also does not need the Donetsk and Luhansk 
“republics.” He knows what economic prospects await these “states,” and, 
therefore, him as well. This is why Akhmetov is not joking when he 
declares that he views the Donbas remaining exclusively within Ukraine.

No matter who is in government, Akhmetov needs to maintain his status as 
the real “master of the Donbas,” which will give him the opportunity to 
enjoy large profits as well as significant political weight. For this to 
happen, he needs for Donbas to be part of Ukraine, but, at the same 
time, practically independent of Kyiv.

The interests of Putin and Akhmetov correspond perfectly

The events in Mariupol have revealed the real situation with utmost 
clarity. When the police in the cities of the Donbas stood in line for 
the Russian colonels, Akhmetov only watched. When the “people’s mayors” 
and the “people’s governors” were bullying Donbas, Akhmetov watched. Not 
even the tortures and murders of peaceful Donbas residents by the 
separatists could stir him from this state.

Only when a detachment of security forces from Dnipropetrovsk appeared 
in Mariupol did a fabulous miracle take place; instead of observing and 
waiting, everyone could see immediate, decisive, effective actions! What 
Akhmetov “was not able to do” in Donetsk and other cities of the Donbas, 
he was able to carry out instantly in Mariupol. Within hours, the city 
came under Akhmetov’s complete control. Like it or not, one conclusion 
is obvious: Akhmetov did not consider the troops of the Russian 
saboteurs and the “people’s mayors” a personal threat. The state of fear 
and terror suited him perfectly. However, a military detachment from 
Dnipropetrovsk frankly frightened him.

Why did Akhmetov calmly watch the “creations” of the Russian colonels 
and “people’s mayors”? Indeed, they did appear rob him of real control 
in the Donbas. Is it because both the Russian colonels and the “people’s 
mayors” are on the same team with Akhmetov? Perhaps they do not even 
suspect it. But Putin knows about it. And so does Akhmetov. And Rinat 
Akhmetov knows that all the latter-day “leaders” will be removed 
immediately after they have fulfilled their “historic mission.”


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