[Marxism] The Conflict over the Paracel Islands in East Asia

RKOB aktiv at rkob.net
Fri May 16 23:52:33 MDT 2014

*The Conflict over the Paracel Islands in East Asia: No to China's 
Imperialist Threats against Vietnam!*

Statement of the Revolutionary Communist International Tendency (RCIT), 
16.5.2014, www.thecommunists.net

1. The world is witnessing the escalation of the long-standing conflict 
between China and Vietnam over control of the Paracel Islands in the 
South China Sea (as the Chinese call it, while Vietnam calls it the East 
Sea). This escalation started recently after China, on 1 May, towed a 
deep-sea oil rig close to the Paracel Islands. China also sent about 
eighty ships to ward off any Vietnamese resistance. Indeed, there have 
been already several clashes between vessels from both sides. As a 
result, violent mass protests started in Vietnam on 13 May, when 20,000 
workers took to the streets in the Binh Duong province. About a hundred 
factories owned by Chinese and Taiwanese capitalists were attacked, and 
some of them have even been set ablaze. Until now, at least five 
Vietnamese and sixteen Chinese have been killed, and police have 
detained 440 people.

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