[Marxism] PLEASE READ, especially if you are a yahoo subscriber

ehrbar at marx.economics.utah.edu ehrbar at marx.economics.utah.edu
Sat May 17 06:40:26 MDT 2014

If someone posts from a yahoo address to a mailing list, it is very
likely that their messages will not be received by some of the list
subscribers.  This is a big problem which arose about 6 weeks ago.
People are working to fix this, but such fixes seem surprisingly
difficult.  I thought the mailman at the new csbs server did not have
this problem, but now I have evidence that this problem exists even
after list migration.  Therefore I have to recommend that those with
yahoo addresses post to the list from a different email address.

Full information about this can be found here:


and here is a brief summary:

Around six weeks ago, yahoo introduced stricter checks for spam.  Spam
is a huge problem for them, 95% of their capacity is eaten up by spam.
These stricter checks have the side effect that mailing postings
originating from a yahoo address are considered spam by other yahoo
addresses and also by aol and other webmail providers who follow a
similar procedure as yahoo.  (I can only speculate whether yahoo is
happy or unhappy about this side effect, because mailman mailing lists
are competition for their yahoo groups which give them advertising


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