[Marxism] Was the American Revolution really just a Counter-Revolution to avoid the British mandate to its Colonies to end slavery?

Louis Proyect lnp3 at panix.com
Mon May 19 08:04:06 MDT 2014

Against Great Britain's edict to its colonies to end slavery forthwith, 
brought about through a legal case made by a slave named James Somerset 
back in London, only the slave-holding colonies of British America 
flatly refused to follow through. Instead of ending slavery, our much 
revered and mythologized founding fathers, with the help of one Mr. 
Thomas Jefferson in particular, launched its own counterrevolution 
against slavery, and in doing so, unconscionably enshrined the american 
revolutionary rhetoric forever in the "false" language of "freedom," 
which all too painfully we have now come to know and understand today 
that their freedom meant a special kind of "white man only freedom."

The American counterrevolution against slavery, now shamefully known as, 
and misnamed as, "the American Revolution for freedom," succeeded only 
because the stars in the geopolitical firmament miraculously aligned 
perfectly in its favor. In a perfect storm of confluences, all of the 
competing powers had been forced to use Africans to police their 
colonies, giving slaves easy access to guns. As a result, the Big Power 
players because they were extended and did not have enough white people 
to "police" their slave colonies, all began to collapse like an 
accordion and fall like a stack of dominoes.


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