[Marxism] [Left Forum Event] India: In the Wake of Communal Fascism

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Mon May 19 09:20:48 MDT 2014

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The United Progressive Alliance (UPA) governments, in the last ten years,
championed the cause of big capital with unbridled enthusiasm. They
hastily put India on the well-tread path of neoliberalization and
partially subordinated the national economy to global capital. These
policies brought immiserization, debt-bondage and mass unemployment to the
farmers and laborers. To open up the vast mineral wealth of India to
corporate plunder, exemplified by the indiscriminate and illegal
allocation of coal mining blocks to companies, there has been a war
against the poor in large parts of central and eastern India. Dissent and
resistance against these policies has been met with state repression and
draconian laws, which created many political prisoners. The emergence of
Narenda Modi, who oversaw the mass murder of Muslims in the state of
Gujarat, as the figurehead of the Bharatiya Janata Party (BJP), represents
a potential intensification of these trends in the direction of communal
fascism; the emergence of the Aam Aadmi Party, or the so-called party of
the Common Man, was an alternative center of gravity for the urban middle
classes. What can we expect in the wake of the general election?

Reading list: Statement by Sanhati Collective on the 2014 General Election
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