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Louis Proyect lnp3 at panix.com
Mon May 19 13:02:38 MDT 2014

Solyent, Neoliberalism and the Politics of Life Hacking

Karl Marx famously argued that alienation of labour (our most basic 
activity) meant that we felt human only during ‘animal functions’ such 
as eating and drinking.

Of course, Marx had never met Rob Rhinehart, the entrepreneur recently 
featured in a Lizzie Widdicombe New Yorker piece for his efforts to 
replace food with a grey slurry he calls ‘Soylent’.

Rhinehart’s Eureka moment came while he struggled to launch a tech 
start-up. Funds dwindling, he resented the expensive inefficiency of 
eating – and engineered a solution.

‘You need amino acids and lipids, not milk itself,’ he explained, ‘You 
need carbohydrates, not bread.’

Having calculated the various nutrients the entrepreneurial body might 
require, he ordered them online. Into a blender went his powders and 
potions – and, voila, Soylent.


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