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May 19, 2014, Issue 202


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1.   Quotes Of The Month — Ida B. Wells (1862-1931)

2.   Climate Change Requires A Radical Solution

3.   Earth Could Warm 11 Degrees By 2100

4.   Western Antarctic Ice Sheet Is Collapsing

5.   Climate Change Risks Security And Wars

6.   Workers Strike For Living Wage

7.   Guantánamo Forced Feeding Stalled

8.   Right Wing Party Now Rules India

9.   More Women Than Men Earn Minimum Wage

10. Wealth Begets Wealth for Top 1%

11. America: ‘The Majority Does Not Rule’

12. Neoliberalism's War on Democracy

13. Vets Nix U.S. Troops Near Ukraine

14. Thousands March on Congress

15. ‘Cowboys and Indians’ Say ‘Stop Pipeline’

16. Arrests in Anti-Drone Protest

17. Urban Air Quality Gets Worse

18. Outdoor Pollution Worst for U.S. Blacks

19. Food Shortage Crisis by Mid-Century?

20. Grave Waste of Food In U.S.

21. The Origins of Jim Crow Segregation

22. Brown V. Board at 60

23. China's Environmental Challenges

24. Gabriel García Márquez Died April 17

25. Mourning The Loss of “Hurricane” Carter

26. Vatican: 3,500 Errant Priests Punished

27. New Hampshire to Legalize Adultery

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