[Marxism] Ukraine – the Russians are the aggressors | Socialist Resistance

Louis Proyect lnp3 at panix.com
Mon May 19 16:23:45 MDT 2014

The movement that brought down the Yanukovich regime was contradictory. 
It could hardly have been otherwise in a society run by gangster 
capitalists who atomised mass consciousness and ran political parties as 
means of sharing the spoils between competing groups of oligarchs. An 
issue of serious concern has been the presence of the far right both in 
the mass movement and the newly formed government. We’ll set aside for a 
moment the widespread presence of the far right in Putin’s Russia. 
Ukraine has a specific history which has left a legacy of a deep 
antipathy to everything tainted by the Soviet Union. The famine Stalin 
inflicted on Ukraine in 1932-3 (which was covered up by many socialists 
at the time) is estimated to have killed 7.5 million people. Many 
Ukrainians interpret it as a deliberate act of genocide by the Moscow 
regime. It is inevitable that a national trauma on that scale will 
affect the way people view history. It goes some way to explaining why 
anti-Soviet rhetoric has such an appeal and the far right has 
successfully exploited the memory of that Stalinist crime.


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