[Marxism] A History of ‘Price-Tag’ Violence « LRB blog

Louis Proyect lnp3 at panix.com
Mon May 19 16:30:45 MDT 2014

On 10 May, Amos Oz criticised the so-called ‘price-tag attacks’ carried 
out by Israeli settlers. The label is used by the culprits themselves to 
describe retaliatory violence against Palestinians: beatings and arson 
as well as racist graffiti sprayed on the walls of churches and mosques. 
Oz described the perpetrators as ‘Hebrew neo-Nazi groups’. The next day, 
he said:

     The comparison that I made was to neo-Nazis and not to Nazis. Nazis 
build incinerators and gas chambers; neo-Nazis desecrate places of 
worship, cemeteries, beat innocent people and write racist slogans. That 
is what they do in Europe, and that is what they do here.

Oz’s sentiments are shared by Israeli liberals and conservatives, who 
together condemn the attacks as repugnant. The Jerusalem Post said that 
‘price-tag attacks fit the definition of terror no less than [suicide] 
bus bombings’.

But the equation with suicide bombers, like Oz’s provocative comparison 
with European neo-Nazism, does more to conceal than to reveal the 
violence perpetrated against Palestinians, above all the violence of the 
Israeli state.


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