[Marxism] National liberation and Bolshevism reexamined: A view from the borderlands,

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This is way too pat for my taste. I'm sure some of his accusations re
Bolshevik policy are true (the articles by Ford and Kowalewski are evidence
of that). But his glib attribution of all weaknesses and defeats of the
revolution in the borderlands to mean Bolshevik centralism ignores the
relationship of forces within each of those borderland nations -- and how
the local parties responded.

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> "This approach was concretized in the Bolsheviks’ continued alliance with
> Luxemburgists instead of the far healthier PPS-Left (the name was adopted
> after the PPS majority expelled its nationalist wing in 1906-1907), which
> was leading a resurgent mass workers’ movement.[71]"
> Admirer's of Rosa Luxemberg will really have to begin questioning this
> admiration. Not so much on the fact that her views on this question made
> the Bolsheviks look much better than her own, but on a slew of other issues
> regarding Polish socialism and her view toward building a revolutionary
> organization.
> While not argued in this particular paper, the larger book this is going to
> be a part of explores her sectarian views on the national question and
> party building.
> When striking at icons no one should be left untouched.
> David
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