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Tue May 20 20:37:59 MDT 2014

It amazes me that so many on the socialist left can't relate to these
'advantages' and recognise what that means for our outreach and discourse.

I agree with this guy's POV :Ebookery rocks! He's a philosopher (and he
should know I guess. He reads Kierkegaard...)

"Ebooks are the wave of the future. Not only are they better in all the
ways listed above than conventional books for readers, they make it much
easier for people to get into print (meaning e-ink print, of course). The
ebook revolution is going to be as big a thing, I think, as was the
invention of the printing press. There were books before the printing
press, but books (not to mention democracy) really took off after the
invention of the printing press. I think ebooks are going to have just as
revolutionary an effect on humanity as did the printing press."

Of course this sabotages a whole lot of the copyright shebang.It also
changes the 'market' for our ideas in that the standard radical left
catalogue has a very limited retail option becuase so few bookshops take
its wares and even online distribution is so cumbersome in hard copy format.

It seems to me that if the Marxist left embraced ebook publishing keenly it
has to be a win/win: massively cheaper, even free, editions before a much
wider audience with the option thereafter of easy pass on in digital form.

Haymarket books for instance is all hard copy
So too is Monthly Review Press
as in Resistance books in Australia

In the wake of the Lawrence and Wishart scandal -- surely the arguments in
play about that must make us think what we're doing relying totally on hard

Friends and the sort who publish digitally and  distribute via the internet
do so across a gamut of online distribution options.Today even Amazon is
easily accessed as a distribution outlet for digotal editions. Or take
Smashwords for example, which I have used. Here's is 'Marxist' listing.
and take this sample: "Writings of Rosa Luxemburg: Reform or Revolution,
The National Question, and Other Essays":

One thing the Marxist left has done keenly is publish. We are ruled by
script. Unfortunately the dead hand of hard copy has distracted us  but in
the world of my offspring it does not exist.

dave riley

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