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Wed May 21 05:15:32 MDT 2014

Just an addition to this ebook thread on the question of costs...

Here's a useful discussion (albeit from 2010) that touches some of the
main bases I think.
Derrico's figures seem to add up to me but then he explores those
stats in detail and underscores the means by which the publishers
protect their profit. As an exercise in surplus value it is
interesting. Indeed, ebookery is the negation of publishing and the
celebration of author and editor.

Our collective far left problem is that we don't necessarily publish
in large offset runs, so left book printing costs are sure to be more

"Hardcover: These books retail for around $25, yet cost about 1/10th
that amount -- about $2.50 to print.
Trade Paperback: Retail for about $14, cost about $1.
Mass-Market Paperback: Retail about $8, cost about $0.75.
E-Books: Retail anywhere from $0.99 to $14.99, but most new releases
from large publishers are $12.99. No printing costs, although they
share the editing, cover design, and other costs of print books, and
do have some formatting costs as well."

dave riley

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