[Marxism] Under militia rule, Libya is beginning to disintegrate. Are the interventionists to blame?

Louis Proyect lnp3 at panix.com
Wed May 21 06:06:09 MDT 2014

But here’s a radical idea: Maybe the anarchic state into which Libya has 
fallen is primarily the responsibility of its militia rulers.

If the only way of holding a country together is through the force of 
authoritarian rule, is that an argument in favor of authoritarianism or 
does it merely reveal the flimsiness of national identity?

The anti-interventionists who seem to feel nostalgic about the stability 
of Libya and Syria pre-2011, also seem to find it very easy to tolerate 
oppression which they themselves do not face.

No one enjoying democratic freedoms has the right or should have the 
audacity to believe that they can instigate someone else’s revolution. 
But the one thing on which most observers agree is that the uprisings in 
Libya and Syria were homegrown.


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