[Marxism] National liberation and Bolshevism reexamined: A view from the borderlands,

DW dwaltersmia at gmail.com
Wed May 21 08:27:24 MDT 2014

Eric's is actually arguing the opposite of what Andy says. Eric argued
that the Bolsheviks were key to leading socialist revolutions, but
their weakness on the national question and in the borderlands
prevented them from doing so in the non-Russian areas.

You need to think about this. The Red Army brought victory for the
USSR by 1921...but the Bolsheviks didn't "lead" any such
revolution...it was militarily imposed on the border lands of the now,
USSR. The Bolsheviks *failed* to lead a revolution there because they
were ethnically divided and ghettoized from the masses of peasants and
others who were not Russian. This is not a 'what if' scenario but an
assessment of the *failure* of the Bolsheviks national policies.


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