[Marxism] Socialist Action has officially lost its mind.

Andrew Pollack acpollack2 at gmail.com
Wed May 21 14:09:28 MDT 2014

The lead article online now is Jeff Mackler's defense of Seymour Hersh's

That's offensive enough. But what makes you want to retch is this:

"The original popular forces that peacefully mobilized against Assad’s
neoliberal policies, and who were severely repressed in 2011, have long ago
left the stage as social actors. Lacking any progressive leadership deeply
implanted in Syrian society, they have no organized voice, not to mention
having no military expression."
That has been SA's line for the last year -- and is why I quit. In the
discussions before quitting I cited example after example of how that
wasn't true, how peaceful demonstrators continued to challenge the
dictatorship, how secular armed forces confronted both the regime and the
Islamists. Just yesterday yet another heroic action was reported (English
at bottom of linked page):


Mackler is scheduled to speak with his fellow tankies at the Left Forum.
Hope he gets read the riot act.

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