[Marxism] Thailand: Smells like a coup, tastes like a coup, looks like a coup

Louis Proyect lnp3 at panix.com
Wed May 21 20:04:54 MDT 2014

On 5/21/14 9:47 PM, Stuart Munckton wrote:
> I wasn't aware Giles ever said things were rosy under Yingluck.

This is Giles writing in your own magazine:

The real division between the “Reds” and the “Yellows” in the current 
crisis, which dates back to 2005, is class. There is a clear tendency 
for workers and the poor to middle-income farmers to support Pheu Thai 
and the Red Shirts, irrespective of geographical location. This is 
because of [Thaksin Shinawatra's] Thai Rak Thai’s pro-poor policies of 
universal health care, job creation and support for rice farmers.


Those are the same rice farmers that threw plastic bottles at Yingluck's 
representative. In fact he blames the opposition for the farmer's anger 
as if they didn't know well enough to understand who was at fault. The 
Thaksinites are not to blame for subsidizing rice production against a 
market that began to favor the buyer. That happens in capitalism all the 
time. What they can be blamed for is buying votes, which is essentially 
what the "populism" amounts to. In office, the Thaksinites can promote 
the class interests of the section of the bourgeoisie they are aligned 
with as well as their own fortunes. But you can't do that without 
holding office, hence the rice subsidies.

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