[Marxism] Donetsk workers fail to answer call to rally against separatists

Matthew Russo russo.matthew9 at gmail.com
Thu May 22 15:27:31 MDT 2014

Well, according to FT, Akhemtov's are falling as flat as that of the
so-called separatists:

Donetsk workers fail to answer call to rally against separatists  By
Courtney Weaver in Donetsk

"Afterwards, workers milling around said they had come to the meeting
voluntarily but most said they did not share their boss Mr Akhmetov’s views
on the militants.

"“Akhemtov is a businessman. He is looking after his business interests,
it’s natural,” Stas, a worker said. But he added that Mr Podkorytov had
been wise to steer away from putting a “political accent” on the rally.

"“Ninety-nine per cent of the workers are against the Kiev authorities,”
said Vladimir Sadovoy, the head of the factory’s workers’ union, noting
that at least one of the men in his 600-person-unit had taken voluntary
leave to work with the pro-Russia militiamen.

“Some want to be part of Russia, others want to be part of Ukraine, others
want to be independent. But everyone is against the Kiev authorities,

"Mr Sadovoy said the factory’s managers had been holding meetings regularly
with the insurgents and their people’s mayor who had taken control of
Yenakiieve, the town where the plant is based.

"Mr Sadovoy said the factory workers had been alarmed by the new Kiev
authorities’ initial announcement that they would remove Russian as one of
Ukraine’s two official languages. Workers were also concerned at the
economic direction the country was taking, he added."


According to this account, there is universal hostility at least among
industrial workers to the Kiev government in the Donbass.  Which begs the
question of the characterization of the Kiev Government.  And likely US
involvement in it, and US aims.  Characterizations that seem to be shied
away with on marxmail perhaps because 1) it is assumed that we all agree on
the characterizations (doubtful, as for example I think Louis' points on
the interests of US energy multinationals vis-a-vis Russia and Ukraine -
putting aside the ever warlike attitude of the USG in seeking to to prevent
the economic undermining of the NATO bloc- is factually wrong, as Russia is
a prime *competitor*, and the analogy with postwar fascists in W.Europe is
misplaced, as these are young, highly militant and undefeated
NEO-fascists), or 2) we don't want to sound like our opponents - well, what
can I say, reality is complex and contradictory, or 3) a la Zizek, such
considerations have nothing with liberatory projects, which is just plain
silly and wrong, as these matters are connected as *negations* of
liberatory projects.

How else to understand reality but from all sides?


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