[Marxism] Change in list settings

Hans G Ehrbar he5513 at 16670244.dsl.xmission.com
Thu May 22 19:23:13 MDT 2014


We discussed earlier that a few weeks ago, yahoo instituted
stricter spam checking which had the side effect of
considering mailing list messages as spam.  In order to be
able to deliver list messages to yahoo addresses, the list
headers have been rearranged.  Formerly, the poster's email
was in the From: header.  This created problems with yahoo,
therefore now the list address is in the From: header and
the poster's email is in the Reply-To: header.

This email here is a test whether this change has been successful.

Those with yahoo and hotmail and some other addresses may have missed
some recent list postings, but going forward I hope that everybody will
get every email again.  If this is not true, if you see emails
in the archives which you are not receiving, let us know.

Thank you,


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