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Fri May 23 15:35:02 MDT 2014

Godzilla, Captain America, Fukushima and Drones
Filming the Fear Index

Taking a break from my customary fare of small-budget radical films that 
get short shrift in the mainstream media, I decided to check out 
“Godzilla” and “Captain America: The Winter Soldier”, two films playing 
at Multiplexes everywhere. While my primary motivation was to soak up 
some mindless entertainment, there was the added incentive of the films 
as apparently having something in common with my regular agitprop diet.

Director Gareth Edwards told the Telegraph that his remake of Godzilla 
was supposed to reflect the questions that the incident at Fukushima 
raised. This would not be the first attempt by Edwards to use a monster 
movie as a vehicle for politics. Filmed near the Mexican-US border, his 
2010 “Monsters” was widely interpreted as a comment on the immigration 

As for Captain America, he is trying to preempt a cabal taking over the 
planet through the use of drones. Sound familiar? Well, this is what 
co-director Joe Russo told the NY Times: “We were trying to find a 
bridge to the same sort of questions that Barack Obama has to address. 
If you’re saying with a drone strike, we can eradicate an enemy of the 
state, what if you say with 100 drone strikes, we can eradicate 100? 
With 1,000, we can eradicate 1,000? At what point do you stop?”

full: http://www.counterpunch.org/2014/05/23/filming-the-fear-index/

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