[Marxism] UKRAINE: Excuse Me Mister: How Far Is It From Simferopol To Grozny?

Shane Mage shmage at pipeline.com
Fri May 23 16:37:03 MDT 2014

On May 23, 2014, at 3:22 PM, Matthew Russo via Marxism wrote:
>  Is ALL geopolitical analysis “obtuse geopolitical analysis”? When  
> is it not “obtuse”? IOW, what
> is the place of objective geo-political and economic analysis in a  
> revolutionary movement?
Marx, I recall, wrote an entire book (basically a collection of his  
journalistic analyses) essentially devoted to geopolitical analysis.   
It was called "The Eastern Question" and it centered on a conflict in  
a small and distant place called---Crimea.  If Louis, Zizek, et. al.  
regard geopolitical analysis of the conflicts in the Arabic world, the  
"former soviet union," and elsewhere (like East Asia) as "obtuse" they  
are neglecting the fact that, absent a real proletarian political  
movement, all such conflicts (even those involving masses of  
declassed, lumpen, or petit-bourgeois-on-the-make elements in their  
violence) are and can be nothing but geopolitical.  The decisive  
elements are always outside the national boundaries within which the  
conflict is occurring. So what is "the place of objective geo- 
political and economic analysis in a revolutionary movement?" Of  
course objective analysis of anything and everything is always  
central; and in a world economy totally dominated by imperial powers,  
and totally lacking any significant proletarian revolutionary  
movement, geopolitical and economic analysis is absolutely central.   
But to ask that question in terms of a "revolutionary movement" is to  
ignore the central fact that no such movement exists, nor can exist  
until the proletariat at least *begins* to re-enter the stage of  
history as a class "für sich."

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