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maybe the Times would publish a letter by you, Michael? Anyway, keep
spreading the truth and let us know how to help

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> Larry Rohter, the Times reporter who wrote this rather dumb article, was a
> Times correspondent in Venezuela. He vigorously attacked Oliver Stone's
> film, South of the Border, about Venezuela and Hugo Chavez. Stone replied
> in an rebuttal published here:
> http://www.truthdig.com/arts_culture/item/oliver_stone_responds_to_new_york_times_attack_20100628
> Among Stone's comments were:
> "Rohter should have disclosed his own conflict of interest in this review.
> The film criticizes the New York Times for its editorial board’s
> endorsement of the military coup of April 11, 2002 against the
> democratically elected government of Venezuela, which was embarrassing to
> the Times. Moreover, Rohter himself wrote an article on April 12 that went
> even further than the Times’ endorsement of the coup:
> “Neither the overthrow of Mr. Chavez, a former army colonel, nor of Mr.
> Mahuad two years ago can be classified as a conventional Latin American
> military coup. The armed forces did not actually take power on Thursday. It
> was the ousted president’s supporters who appear to have been responsible
> for deaths that numbered barely 12 rather than hundreds or thousands, and
> political rights and guarantees were restored rather than suspended.” –
> Larry Rohter, New York Times, April 12, 2002
> These allegations that the coup was not a coup – not only by Rohter —
> prompted a rebuttal by Rohter’s colleague at the New York Times, Tim
> Weiner, who wrote a Sunday Week in Review piece two days later entitled “A
> Coup By Any Other Name.” (New York Times, April 14, 2002)
> Unlike the NYT editorial board, which issued a grudging retraction of
> their pro-coup stance a few days later (included in our film), Rohter seems
> to have clung to the right-wing fantasies about the coup. It is not
> surprising that someone who supports the military overthrow of a
> democratically elected government would not like a documentary like this
> one, which celebrates the triumphs of electoral democracy in South America
> over the last decade."
> During our phone conversation, Rohter got more agitated as I steadfastly
> refused to concede anything about what Open Veins tells us about Latin
> America's history. He seemed to think that MR Press is obliged to make note
> of Galiano's remarks, but I said that would be ridiculous. Should we put a
> blurb on the book, stating that the author has now repudiated his book
> (which, by the way, he did not)? I asked him, what publisher would do that,
> especially when we think the book is right on the money.
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