[Marxism] A Response to Michael Kinsley by Glenn Greenwald - The Intercept

Louis Proyect lnp3 at panix.com
Sat May 24 08:55:27 MDT 2014

So let’s recap: The New York Times chose someone to review my book about 
the Snowden leaks who has a record of suggesting that journalists may be 
committing crimes when publishing information against the government’s 
wishes. That journalist then proceeded to strongly suggest that my 
prosecution could be warranted. Other prominent journalists —including 
the one who hosts Meet the Press–then heralded that review without 
noting the slightest objection to Kinsley’s argument.

Do I need to continue to participate in the debate over whether many 
U.S. journalists are pitifully obeisant to the U.S. government? Did they 
not just resolve that debate for me? What better evidence can that 
argument find than multiple influential American journalists standing up 
and cheering while a fellow journalist is given space in The New York 
Times to argue that those who publish information against the 
government’s wishes are not only acting immorally but criminally?


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