[Marxism] LENIN'S TOMB: When the bourgeoisie goes fascist

Louis Proyect lnp3 at panix.com
Sat May 24 10:41:53 MDT 2014

Of course, Modi organises his support base around a fanatical 
personality cult - during the recent elections, he 'appeared' in dozens 
of towns and villages by projecting a 3d hologram of himself.  This 
isn't because he has personal charisma but because he effectively 
markets himself as a hard bastard who can 'get things done'.  This 
ideologeme of the 'Gujarat model' of capitalist development, which is 
entirely bullshit and hype as far as any claim to commanding growth 
goes, is very much linked to his reputation as a hard man.  For example, 
the boss of India's biggest business conglomerate, the Tata group, 
reports glowingly on how Modi facilitated the transfer of a car plant to 
the state of Gujarat within days.  He gives the impression of being a 
technocrat able to suppress and transcend the quarrelsome arguments and 
grasping hands of the parliamentary political machine, in order to 'get 
things done'.  So much the worse for troublesome minorities if he has to 
be a bit rough with them in the process.

And that seems to be why much of the business press admires him.  So 
what if the reasons they so admire him are inextricable from the reasons 
for his hitherto pariahdom?  This is the bourgeoisie we're talking 
about: they aren't known for being sentimental about mass murder.  That 
is why the rush to normalise and redeem him is on.  Mark The Economist 
ganting for Modi's open door to capital.  'He's a strongman, he'll knock 
some heads together, he'll get the country open for business again.' 
Hark at Fareed Zakaria gushing about India's "inspiring" election, 
creaming his pants for the alliance with American business.  Look at 
American politicians enthusing about his 'economic reforms'.  Witness 
Obama signalling the end of Modi's global pariah status by inviting him 
to the US despite the visa ban.

full: http://www.leninology.com/2014/05/when-bourgeoisie-goes-fascist.html

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