[Marxism] Is Slavoj Zizek a US propaganda psyop?

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Mon May 26 07:45:00 MDT 2014

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Panel/Workshop Year:  2014 




Is Slavoj Zizek a US propaganda psyop? I want to ask my comrades on the left
to consider the possibility. After years of research, I have come to the
conclusion that Zizek is a charlatan posing as a "Stalinist" to both
discredit communists by performing a caricature Bolshevik and
simultaneously, to smuggle fascist ideas including old fashioned Aryan
supremacism and 19th century race theory, back into public discourse
disguised as radical left critique of liberalism. I zill focus on how he
exploits his radical left image to spread imperialist propaganda and
disinformation. I'll trace the origins of the Zizek Industry to his first
anointing by the New Left Review, then under the control of Croatian
Nationalists and Tudjman supporters, as the Balkan Leftist who would
initiate, in 1990, the dominant strain of imperialist propaganda about
Yugoslavia, and yet further back to his career as an anti-Marxist dissident
and Slovene ethnic nationalist. I will discuss the way he has influenced a
generation to the point where now right wing and reactionary ideas as well
as pure white house disinformation and propaganda are routinely packaged as
hip "lefty" and "radical" thought. 


Panel/Workshop Topics: Marxism, Anarchism and Theory Media Culture and
Everyday Life

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