[Marxism] God Loves Uganda shows how American evangelicals exported homophobia to Africa.

Louis Proyect lnp3 at panix.com
Mon May 26 09:27:33 MDT 2014

On 5/26/14 11:15 AM, Joseph Catron via Marxism wrote:
> How much influence could American evangelicals have in a country where
> their coreligionists comprise, at most, 5.8% of the population?

Officially Pentecostals and other “charismatics” count for no more than 
5% of the population. In reality, their ministers preach to about a 
third of the country every week. Their rise reflects an important trend 
across Africa. According to the World Christian Encyclopedia, about 17m 
Africans described themselves as born-again Christians in 1970. Today 
the figure has soared to more than 400m, which accounts for over a third 
of Africa's population. And as in Nigeria on the other side of the 
continent, they are now having a noticeable effect on public-policy 
debates in east Africa. Regardless of the outcome of the vote on the 
constitution in Kenya, for example, their interventions are likely to 
make abortion a defining political issue in the country. Similarly, the 
efforts of new churches in neighbouring Uganda have made political 
controversies out of homosexuality and the right of Muslims to convert 
to Christianity.

full: http://www.economist.com/node/16488830

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