[Marxism] Mutiny in Providence - The Indy

Louis Proyect lnp3 at panix.com
Tue May 27 14:06:28 MDT 2014

It’s hard to foment revolution when you’re getting overthrown by your 
own comrades. Over the past few months, Providence’s revolutionary 
socialists have faced multiple charges of insubordination from their own 
organization. On February 17, the International Socialist Organization 
(ISO) expelled the Renewal Faction, a group formed last November to 
challenge a perceived lack of democracy, transparency, and effective 
strategy within the ISO. The Faction includes many members of the ISO’s 
Providence branch, a member of the Brown University campus branch, and a 
few members from Cambridge and other cities. With more than 80 branches 
in states throughout the country, the ISO is one of the largest US-based 
organizations with a mission to “participate in struggles for justice 
and liberation” in the present with the ultimate goal of bringing about 
a worker-led socialist revolution. The organization’s recent split 
brings to light complex questions facing members of the radical left 
concerning how to move a nation beset with class inequality toward a 

full: http://www.theindy.org/349

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