[Marxism] Accumulation by Dispossession

Andrew Pollack acpollack2 at gmail.com
Wed May 28 19:35:33 MDT 2014

I just posted this on Facebook. Responses welcome.

Holy sh*t -- Ernest Mandel's "Late Capitalism" online in its entirety!

What sent me searching for it is a question I have re Harvey's
"accumulation by dispossession." It seems to me that not only does Harvey
throw into that category wildly different types of theft, but, even worse,
that by doing so he divorces most of those events from their economic
underpinnings as part of the normal functioning of crisis-ridden capitalist
and imperialist systems (much as Luxemburg did).

This is in stark counterpoint to Mandel's method as seen in his Chapter 11
on neocolonialism and unequal exchange in which he outlines shifting
economic fortunes of imperialist powers, both vis-a-vis each other and
against the neocolonies, by explaining how economic shifts INTERNAL to the
workings of the value-creating and -accumulating system -- rather than
imposed by political/military force -- are the main forces at play.
Am I crazy here? Missing Harvey's point?

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