[Marxism] In Russian-ruled Crimea, a crackdown on journalists and activists who don't toe Kremlin line

Louis Proyect lnp3 at panix.com
Fri May 30 06:00:22 MDT 2014

In the last six weeks, Andrey Krisko, who heads the Crimean Human Rights 
Field Mission, has registered nine serious incidents of harassment of 
journalists, involving personal harm, damage to equipment, and illegal 
detention for more than three hours. He experienced one such incident 
himself, when he was physically prevented from taking pictures of a 
journalist arguing with self-defense forces on May 17. Later, he found 
out the journalist had been followed and detained.

Most cases, Krisko said, concern not single but groups of journalists, 
and all cases involve the self-defense militias. Some cases have been 
widely publicized, like that of journalist Osman Pashayev on May 18.

Pashayev was filming the Crimean Tatar meeting commemorating 70 years of 
their deportation, and the hundreds of riot police guarding Simferopol 
city center, when self-defense forces detained both him and his Turkish 
cameraman. They were held for 10 hours, had all their equipment taken 
away, and were denied access to lawyers until a threatened appeal to the 
prosecutors office.


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