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Louis Proyect lnp3 at panix.com
Fri May 30 16:30:05 MDT 2014

Support Ricochet: A bilingual new media project

Bilingual, crowdfunded and independent, Ricochet is a first of its kind 
media outlet in Canada.

In just the first week of our Crowdfunder, Ricochet has raised over 
$30,000 from over 500 donors. That's a great start, but we still need 
your help to reach our goal of $75,000 by June 20.

To contribute today visit: 

Ricochet also received an endorsement from The Council of Canadians this 
week: "If you look at the team Ricochet has brought together, you'll see 
a group of ten people, including [Derrick] O'Keefe, Ethan Cox and Cloe 
Zawadzki-Turcotte -- with impressive experience, diverse backgrounds, 
and evident dynamism." (Read the full text here: 

With your help, Ricochet will help a new generation of muckrakers and 
investigative journalists hold corporate Canada to account and highlight 
the stories of marginalized communities too often left untold. Ricochet 
will dedicate serious resources for reportage on Indigenous peoples, 
and, with autonomous francophone and anglophone editorial committees 
working collaboratively, we will build bridges of understanding across 

The team behind Ricochet believes that to change the world we must also 
change the media.

Help us be the change - donate and spread the word today! Visit 

Facebook: https://www.facebook.com/ricochetmedia

Twitter: https://twitter.com/ricochet_en

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